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I’m grateful to Lauren Poussard from https://laurenpoussard.com/ for redesigning my website. Woo hoo…new (virtual) digs!

I met Lauren through the Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce and she is a blast to work with! My goal was to enhance the site. I really liked my prior site but I wanted to drop the formalities. This way I can get to know you {dear visitor} better, by letting you get to know me better. I treat all potential clients out for a cup of coffee for this exact reason.

You CAN hire a DJ without meeting them first. You can also buy a car without taking a test drive. Therefore, I prefer to take you out for a complimentary drink to see if we’re a good fit for your wedding. I want a successful reception because you want a successful reception. If we’re not in agreement in what is a successful reception, then you should find another DJ -that is what’s best for both of us. This site is a little step in that direction – to get to know each other…see if we align.

I’d say Lauren nailed it – what do you think about the new site?


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Jay Foss is a professional DJ and Producer who brings his professionalism and creativity to every event or production. Whether it is emcee-ing an event, DJing a wedding, or producing podcasts, you can expect only the very highest levels of service and quality. Based in Beverly on the north shore of Boston, Jay is able to service a wide geographical area. Every event or production is a collaboration - give Jay a call and learn how he can craft an event or production you won't long forget!

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